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Dry Ice Blasting safely cleans equipment
Our cleaning is suitable for processing facilities
The most effective cleaning available today


Grease Police Florida utilizes a safe and effective method to clean your facility and keep your equipment operating at top capacity. Dry Ice Blasting is environmentally friendly and will not harm any electrical equipment.

In addtion to being clean and safe, Dry Ice Blasting does not produce CO2, nor does it contirbute to the greenhouse effect. It is the safest, most advanced method of deep cleaning high voltage areas and cutting edge production facilities.
Dry Ice Blasting

About us

Grease Police Florida was formed by John Davis and Richard Parris in 2007, as a result of complying with hospitality industry standards. Grease Police actively improves its standards and equipment to deliver top quality service to clients.

Grease Police Florida strives to be the industry leader in cutting edge cleaning technology. We have the capability of providing dry ice blasting, steam pressure cleaning, surface remediation, general cleaning, anti-graffiti remediation, theme park and mass transit deep cleaning.
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