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Conveyor System Cleaning

Why is Conveyor System Cleaning important?

Conveyor systems within production or packing facililties are the logistical life line to an efficient operation plant. Over time and use, conveyor system accumulate dust, dirt, grease and particles that hinder their operation, and in exteme cases halt production. Regular cleaning and maintenance of this vital production link will pay huge dividends to the plant operation and overall profitiablity of the organization.


What types of cleaning are available?


Is the cleaning safe for my facility?

Dry Ice blasting is a cleaning technology that does not utilize water; therefore, your electrical equipment, circuit boards, components, boxes and connections will not be disturbed or affected by Dry Ice Blasting by Grease Police.

  • Safe for Food Facility
  • Safe for Utility Plant
  • Safe for Packing Facility
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Abrasive