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Anti-Graffiti Remediation

What is Anti-Graffiti Remediation?

In some areas of the country, graffiti continues to be problematic for local municipalites and private corporations. Graffiti comes in many forms, but the most common are paint, stencil, stickers, carvings, and even food. The nature of graffiti is to express and opinion, mood, feeling or action. In every case, most graffiti is completed within 1-2 minutes, but leaves a lasting impression on a wall, building, vehicle or facility. Grease Police utilizes a variety of cleaning techniques to remediate (remove) graffiti from brick, concrete, metal, and stone. We will evaluate your location and provide you a detailed, step by step plan to remove the graffiti and return the surface to its original condition.


What organizations can Grease Police service?

  • Private companies of every size
  • Publicly held corporations
  • City, County, and State Municipalities
  • Industrial rail companies
  • Retail commercial or franchise companies
  • Military installations


What happens after the graffiti is removed?

Once the graffiti is remediated, Grease Police can offer a comprehensive plan for complete restoration of the surface. In many cases, we can restore the area to it's original condition, with no signs of wear, disruption, damage or repair.